Day 1: We’ve Landed

If the first day of our trip foreshadows how the rest of our trip will go, then I’m looking forward to living the next five months.

Carrie and I get our first taste of an English tow path.
Carrie and I get our first taste of an English tow path.

On our first flight to Seattle, we ran into friends that we haven’t seen in two years. Then after switching seats with a woman and her young son, the flight attendants treated us to free snacks and offered us morning booze. We passed on the booze, but departed the plane stocked up on enough snacks to make a lunch.

As we pedaled away from Heathrow, we dove head first into a high speed roundabout and survived. Riding on the left side of the road while lacking a day’s worth of sleep was exhilarating. Cars come at you from directions you don’t expect and in lanes you dismissed for driveways. By the end of our 20-mile day, my tired brain was done.

We pitched our tent at Amerden Motor Park, run by a friendly couple. We nearly had the whole campground to ourselves. Sleep came fast and in large quantities.

It was a great first day and a nice introduction to England.

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