Rain day

When you come to Norway you’re not here for the food, unless you like to see money quickly vanish from your wallet, and you’re not here for the people, unless you’re dead set on meeting aloof models. No, you come to Norway to see Norway.

Go anywhere in the country, find a flat spot, and spin a bottle on the ground. Now look where the bottle is pointing. Isn’t that one of the prettiest landscapes you’ve ever seen? You wish a great artist could paint that scene on a large canvas so you could hang it in your living room and every time you look at the painting it reminds you of the time you were blown away by the beauty of nature. Now spin the bottle again. After a few spins you wouldn’t have any free wall space.

This is the reason why it’s a terrible thing to ride in Norway when it’s raining. The clouds obscure the landscape until all you can see is gray sky and gray road.

We stopped at a campground north of Svolv√¶r on the Lofoton Islands, which is known for its rugged beauty. We quit our ride early because we felt we were missing too much of the good stuff. I didn’t even take any photos today because there was nothing to see. Here’s to sunnier days.

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