In 2016 we spent five months riding around Europe. We got soaked in the UK. We got sun in Ireland. We missed the midges in Scotland. We survived the Norwegian tunnels. We crested some cols in France. We found quiet roads in Spain. It was a spectacular whirlwind of fun.
Have you ever wondered how people make steel bicycle frames? Follow along as I learn from some professionals and then attempt to make some of my own from home.
Great Divide
In 2012, for her 30th birthday, Carrie wanted to do something special. We'd been dreaming of riding the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, but we didn't have enough time reserved to tackle the whole 2500-mile trail. So we decided to spend two weeks riding one of the best sections of the route: Banff to Whitefish, including a stopover at Glacier National Park.
If you have any desire to get away from it all. If you want to see an earth that is both fragile and powerful, exposed and isolated, there are few places better to visit than Iceland. We spent 5 weeks riding around the island in 2008, following the Ring Road counterclockwise.
Idaho Hot Springs
Although we soaked in only three hot springs along Adventure Cycling's newest off-road route, we spent plenty of time on our 2014 journey cooling off in Idaho's gorgeous rivers. We met handfuls of friendly natives and other bicycle tourists. And we fell in love with Boise.
New Zealand
We spent 3 months cycling around New Zealand for our honeymoon in 2007. New Zealand is a country of unlimited adventure opportunities. Scenic roads, friendly locals, and cheap ice cream make New Zealand a haven for bicycle touring.
Pacific Coast
In 2014, on the heels of a tour in Idaho, my friend Peter invited me to ride with him from Corvallis, Oregon, to the Bay Area along the infamous Pacific Coast Bicycle Route. This section of the route boasted spectacular views of the Pacific and the tranquil environment of the Avenue of the Giants.
Sometimes the best trips are the quickest. With a little last-minute planning, it can be rewarding to hit the road for a night under the nylon roof, only to return to the routines of daily life refreshed and relaxed.
Sierra Cascades
In 2017 we rode a portion of Adventure Cycling's Sierra Cascades route from Truckee, CA, to Seattle, WA.