Whale day

The day started off on the right foot. We had a short ride to catch another ferry. On the ferry we chatted with a friendly Finnish family and then watched what we believe was a minke whale, to the delight of everyone on board, jump out of the water a few times close to the boat.

Clouds hover near the mountain tops between rain storms.
Clouds hover near the mountain tops between rain storms.

It's all good when the rain clouds aren't above us.
It’s all good when the rain clouds aren’t above us.

When we got off the boat in Kilboghamn our spirits were high and we were ready for another long day on the bike. Then it started to drizzle. We donned our rain jackets and continued. Then it started to rain hard. We donned our rain pants and booties, but it was too late. We were soaked.

We took shelter in a bus stop hut to wait for the worst to pass and also to discuss the future of our tour in Norway. With rain forecasted for the next week, we were ready for drier pastures. Maybe instead of riding to Bergen we would stop at Trondheim and then take a train to Oslo and then ferry to mainland Europe for better summer weather.

Whatever we decided to do we still had to find a place to camp for the night. So out into the wet world we went again. About ten miles later we came upon a motel and campground, where we pitched our tent on sodden grass and promptly made for the communal kitchen.

After a day of riding in the rain there’s nothing finer than a warm and dry room. We remained in the kitchen after dinner, where we read and relaxed and enjoyed being dry.

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