Blu-Shastin RV Park to Entiat

Sierra Cascades

With a high of 91 degrees forecasted today our goal was to finish the ride to Entiat before we roasted. We then planned to spend the rest of the day in the shade.

The first half of our ride featured back roads through orchard farms. If you buy pears on the regular I’m willing to bet that they came from Washington. The pears are just babies now and not worth eating, but the cherries are ripe and delicious. The trees on the roadside are filled with seductive fruit. It’s hard not to stop and just fill a whole pannier of them.

The second half of the ride was on another highway. No description of the ride is needed. All highways are basically the same.

We took shelter in the shade at the city park in Entiat.

We arrived at the Entiat city park and campground, which is right along the shore of the Columbia River. The river is dammed about five miles downstream so it resembles more of a lake than a river. We lounged in the shade the rest of the day.

Once the sun set below the hillside it would have been nice to keep on riding. The temperature was perfect. But we feared riding on the highway at dusk on a Friday night.

We had a blast riding in the evenings in Norway, but there traffic was pretty much non existent, so the roads were ours. Here it’s too busy and dangerous.

I’d love to work out a route through Washington that included only back roads and forest roads. No highways. The landscape has so much potential for a quieter and more adventurous route.

40 miles
Food $28.72
Pharmacy $6.48
Camping $30