Chemult to Bend

Sierra Cascades

With more winter weather threatening we continued to seek out indoor accommodation. Perhaps we’re getting weak or just losing our nerve. Or perhaps sleeping in a real bed is just that much better. Either way our wallet tells us that this new habit of ours can’t go on forever.

Sasquatch poses with Carrie in the bizarre town of Crescent.

We originally made plans to stay with a Warm Showers host just south of Bend, which would have pleased our wallet, but another day of fierce tailwinds goaded us to ride further. We rocketed into Bend with nary a drop of sweat produced. It helped that the ride trended downhill, and it helped that it was probably 40 degrees at noon, but the day’s MVP was the wind. So here’s a toast to you wind. May you continue to push us, to inspire us to greater distances.

Google told us to take this road to avoid more highway miles on our way into Bend. It was a fine choice except for all of the no trespassing signs facing the opposite way we were headed. Perhaps it’s only trespassing if you leave Bend on this road.

We landed at a motel in south Bend, beating the rain clouds that never lived up to their potential. Let’s hope the rain that’s supposed to come tomorrow also ditches class.

68.6 miles
Food 23.71
Motel 84.23