Europe Recap


A recap of our trip around Europe has been long overdue. We flew out of Madrid on October 15. It’s now almost the new year. This trip needs a proper ending.

It’s safe to say that we had a wonderful time for the five months we were cycling through Europe. We met loads of friendly people and rode through some truly breathtaking landscapes. But when friends and family have pressed us to name the highlight of our trip, we’ve struggled to reply. The best answer we could come up with has been to name our favorite aspects of each country:

Country highlights

By the numbers

What’s a good summary post without some gratuitous metrics? People have asked us how much we spent and how many miles we rode. Until now we only had vague notions. Here’s the nerdy trip summary:

Lessons learned

If we were do it all again, we would use the knowledge below to take our trip from great to greatest: