Glacier N.P. to Whitefish

Great Divide

On our twelfth day we spent the day in Glacier National Park. Carrie was especially excited to see the nation’s second oldest park. However we were only able to visit a small fraction of the park due to several rock slides on the famous Going to the Sun Road. We enjoyed a hike up to Avalanche Lake in the morning, followed by ice cream and an early dinner, and then an evening hike with a dip into Lake MacDonald to cool off. It was a nice, relaxing day in a beautiful park.


The next morning we had to decide if we were going to stay in the park for another day or take off for Whitefish to start prepping for our flight home. The ranger told us he thought the Going to the Sun Road would open up in the afternoon, but he couldn’t guarantee it. We didn’t really have any other hikes in mind without access to the farther reaches of the park, so we decided to leave. It was a shame that we left the park so soon, but it’s a good reason to return.

The ride to Whitefish was pleasant and hot. We took some back roads to avoid the highways. After about two weeks of riding with little traffic, it’s a bit of a shock to travel on a busy road. I could do without the noise and exhaust for the rest of my life. While forest roads can be bumpy and steep at least it’s peaceful where they take you. Give me a quiet bumpy forest road over a smooth busy urban road any day.