Graeagle to Spanish Creek Campground

Sierra Cascades

Our original plan today was to stay in Quincy, a mere 25 miles from our quaint campground in Graeagle, but we ended up pushing on to Spanish Creek Campground just north of Keddie.

The ride from Graeagle to Quincy was mainly downhill. Most of the highway had a decent shoulder, and there was little motor traffic to interfere with the tranquil morning. An easier and more relaxing bike ride would be hard to find.

As a reward for our hard effort, we stopped at The Polka Dot in East Quincy for milkshakes. Who says you have to lose weight on a bike tour? Carrie used to ride her bike to The Polka Dot with her brothers and cousins during childhood summers spent visiting her grandparents.

With stomachs full of cold dairy and sugar we pressed on to the other half of Quincy and then just a smidge out of town to the unoccupied house owned by Carrie’s grandmother, where we planned to stay the night. The house however had other plans for us. A healthy population of yellow jackets guarded the electrical panel on the garage and ramp to front door. Inside the garage two bats circled menacingly in the dim light. Meanwhile the grasses in the front yard riled my allergies.

Our site at Spanish Creek Campground was perfect for sleeping and napping.

Despite the strong natural defense, we were able to enter the house, only to be unable to turn on the electricity and running water. Without these modern conveniences we declared the house the winner and decided to seek shelter at the Spanish Creek Campground about 12 miles north of Quincy.

35 miles
Camping $25
Food $27.30
Post office $7.84