Idaho Hot Springs Recap

Idaho Hot Springs

Ahh, shucks. Do we have to leave Idaho? We’ve had such a good time. We’ve met some of the friendliest people on Earth. We’ve ridden through some beautiful landscapes. We even managed to soak in some hot springs, but there were so many we missed.

Although Adventure Cycling dubbed it the Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route, I think a more appropriate name would be the Idaho Rivers Mountain Bike Route. Forget the hot springs. It was often too hot to soak in warm water. Instead, we rode along and swam in some of the prettiest, cleanest, refreshingest rivers that a weary cyclist could imagine.

At the end of all of our trips, Carrie and I like to reflect on some of the most memorable moments, whether funny or stressful, rewarding or tedious. It’s a good way to learn from our misadventures and to improve the fun factor of future adventures. And for the gear nerd, it’s a way to look at improving your kit. With this in mind, here’s a random list of highlights and thoughts from our Idaho Hot Springs trip: