McCall to Clear Water Station

Idaho Hot Springs

In the morning we headed to The Pancake House, which our rafting guides from the day before recommended. At The Pancake House we met up with part of the Idaho Posse, Jay and Harry, who said that the portion of the Secesh Singletrack section that they attempted was extremely difficult, almost all of it requiring hike-a-bike. They seemed to be a bit upset about the experience, believing that more of the route would be rideable. They also warned us that the portions were huge at The Pancake House. I figured that the meal would be comparable to our huge breakfast at the Noth Shore Lodge. Boy was I wrong.

I ordered two “plate-sized” pancakes and two eggs. Carrie wanted to be a bit healthier, so she ordered some eggs and potatoes with mixed veggies. The food came and we were stunned. The pancakes were literally the size of hub caps and Carrie’s healthy option was smothered in cheese. Although we tried our damnedest, when we couldn’t take another bite, we ended up leaving enough food on our plates to feed a family of four.

Even a full time cyclist couldn't finish these enormous cakes.
Even a full time cyclist couldn’t finish these enormous cakes.

Even though we planned to camp earlier in the route, we ended up making it all the way to Clear Water Station, thanks to the good condition of the dirt roads and an eagerness to eat some ice cream in Cascade. We ended up camping that night with the full Idaho Posse, our little tents swarmed by the numerous campers and RVs, which were at the site for a wedding. We didn’t end up crashing the wedding, but we did fall asleep to the welps from a drunk guy fumbling through a Neil Young song.