To Lynchburg KOA

Blue Ridge Parkway

As tempting as it was to return to the Lodge for a third meal in a row, Carrie and I started the day at the Peaks of Otter Campground eating leftovers from last night’s excellent dinner. We had a short ride ahead of us, but we wanted to get up the day’s long climb before the heat melted us.

We made the long climb in good time. Because we were on the road so early there was almost no motor vehicle traffic. It was tranquil.

This descent took us from the highest point on the Parkway in Virginia to the lowest point.

The top of the climb was the highest point of the Parkway in Virginia at about 3900 feet. The descent we were about roll down would take us to the lowest point on the Parkway in Virginia at about 650 feet. We would be descending for 15 pedal free miles. Cowabunga!

On a road bike this descent would be an absolute blast. All of the corners are designed for motor vehicles traveling at 45 miles per hour. You could easily get going faster than that and just have fun ripping around the turns.

On my touring bike with its front load providing a massive frontal area and my upright position, unless I really tucked on the bike, I couldn’t get going fast enough to really enjoy cornering. Nonetheless, not pedaling for 15 miles was compensation.

We rolled into the KOA just off the Parkway to get a taste of luxury camping. With showers, comfy rocking chairs, a covered sitting area, and some Wi-Fi, the campground had all of the amenities a weary pair of touring cyclists needed.