Brighton State Park


I can’t think of a better way to start the day than with leftover pizza. We ate at the local pizza joint Hoagie’s last night for dinner but couldn’t finish the entire pie in one go.

It was nice to start with a calorie-packed meal because we need it for the first portion of our ride, which is all climbing as we approach the Canadian border. We ride on an overpass where on the right is the US customs building and on the left the Canadian version. There’s no traffic. I thought Canada opened its border to the US again but a sign says otherwise. Good thing we didn’t plan to cross.

The ride continues through rolling farmland. We alternate between paved and unpaved roads, barely discerning the difference. I can’t say it enough how incredibly smooth the dirt roads are here. If you close your eyes and ride you can’t tell one from the other.

At the village Morgan, families walk out of the well-kept white church. We stop across the street at a little general store for a cold drink. It’s starting to heat up again. I pick up an energy drink because it’s the only refrigerated beverage other than beer. The can boasts that it has two cups of coffee’s worth of caffeine. I don’t normally have caffeine, so I make Carrie drink some too to prevent my future heart from ejecting out of my chest.

We roll along a shady dirt road and pass a few small lakes. It’s nice to be under the trees away from the sun. Although we can see thick clouds on the horizon, they haven’t yet reached us. Families walk along the edge of the road. There’s a bunch of nice little houses near the water’s edge. All smiles and good mornings.

We then reach the highway that will take us directly to Island Pond. We’re in no hurry today. The clouds have arrived, dropping the temperature from hot to comfortable. We decide to take some dirt roads that parallel the highway instead. Comfortable temps and quiet roads. Nothing finer.

We arrive in Island Pond and head straight for the local grocery store, which is just around the corner from Dollar General. We’re happy to see the grocery store is busy. Take that lousy Dollar General!

My metabolism is in full gear now. I’m so happy it’s back. It’s fun to be able to just eat whatever I want knowing my body will burn it immediately. Come here salty chips! Hey there maple doughnut! Apples and cheese, yes please!

After lunch in the town park, we cruise to Brighton State Park, where we set up for the night under another lean-to shelter. These structures are fabulous. In case it rains we’re totally protected. No need for the tent’s rain fly. This provides more air flow in the tent to keep us from roasting at night. So far we shouldn’t have even brought our sleeping bags. It’s much more comfortable to sleep in a tee shirt and shorts.