Despite our campground at Lake Carmi being next to one of the largest bogs in Vermont, we aren’t pestered by mosquitos. Between a bog and a lake you’d think we’d be under heavy assault. But we have an early oatmeal breakfast with no bites to show for it.

We leave the campground around 8am to try to get most of our miles in to Newport before we become ice cream in July. Tropical storm Henry has raised the humidity much higher than usual. It’s really oppressive for a couple of desert rats like us.

We make good time to Richford and pick up a couple of sammies from the local deli. The friendly staff make us the sammies despite only serving breakfast at that hour.

The big event of the day is a long climb over the Green Mountains. We’re on a highway but there’s little traffic and a decent shoulder. At the top of the climb we stop to rest and see the trailhead for the Long Trail, which is supposed to be an excellent backpacking trip.

The descent to North Troy goes quickly. Even though we’re not pedalling, we’re still glistening with sweat. The humidity prevents our bodies from cooling off. We pop into a Dollar General for some cold drinks and eat our sammies in the shade behind the building. Not scenic, but it’s the only shade we can find.

From North Troy to Newport we can either take the busy but direct road or the quiet unpaved road that meanders. We choose to meander. It’s our first taste of the infamous Vermont gravel road. The road is hard packed and smooth with just a little sprinkle of pea gravel on top. It’s not dusty and chunky like the dirt roads we’re used to in the West.

Although the road conditions are great, the grades get much steeper. We grind up several punchy climbs. It wouldn’t be so bad if we could cool off some how. If only it would rain.

Our wish comes true as we hop back onto pavement as we near Newport. What starts as a sprinkle quickly unloads as a proper downpour. It feels fantastic. Forget rain gear, just please drench us!

We have reservations at the town campground but decide to get a motel. The ride was longer and hotter than expected. Plus, we really want to shower and relax in an air conditioned space. Oh, and all our riding gear refuses to line dry and is smelling like a locker room floor. The motel has a washer and dryer. The choice is easy.