Lone Fir Campground to Marblemount

Sierra Cascades

The highlight of the day was riding over Washington Pass, at 5,400 feet above sea level, and getting up close to some of the Cascades’ glacier-carved peaks. Most of time we’ve been viewing the mountain peaks from a distance. We’d catch glimpses of Hood, Saint Helens, and Rainier between openings in the trees, or in Hood’s case between a break from the rain clouds. But along Highway 20 we got a front row seat of some of the second tier peaks, like the Liberty Bell and Jack’s Peak.

Near the top of Washington Pass we had nice views of the snow-capped peaks.
Water was spilling off just about every cliffside around near the top of Washington Pass.
Carrie gets in her aero tuck as we descend Washington Pass. The wind was so strong against us that we sometimes even had to pedal to keep our momentum.

From the top of the pass it was more or less downhill to Marblemount. We passed the three dams, Ross, Diablo, and Gorge that provide Seattle its electricity. And we admired the loads of waterfalls projecting from pretty much every cliff within view. It was a nice way to end our time in the mountains.

Our next plan is to somehow visit the San Juan Islands during the Fourth of July weekend and maybe do some kayaking. With no reservations however we may be pushing our luck.

69.5 miles
Food $15.19
Camping $20.65