Winthrop to Lone Fir Campground

Sierra Cascades

With a short day ahead of us there was no reason to start early. Except we didn’t want to ride part way up Washington Pass in the heat. So we ended up arriving at Lone Fir Campground before noon.

Although we had the rest of the day to relax, we remained confined to our tent because the mosquitoes were fierce. So we ate lunch in the tent, we napped in the tent, and read a Sherlock Holmes short story in the tent. There’s really only so much to do in a tent.

We found this hatchling and its sibling on the trail out of Lone Fir Campground.
This log bridge was fun to walk across on the trail out of Lone Fir Campground.

Eventually we got tent fever and needed any excuse to leave the tent that didn’t involve succumming to mosquito attack. Carrie remembered seeing an interpretive hiking trail near the entrance of the campground. If we hiked briskly enough the mosquitoes couldn’t find their target. So we went on a little hike.

The paved trail was overgrown with shrubs and downed trees created obstacles to step over. We came to a bridge that had been damaged by the raging creek, but after a few test steps proved passable. We then came upon two hatchlings that had fallen from their nest. They were teeny and obviously helpless and probably near death. We couldn’t do anything to save them. It was sad to see them sitting there in the dirt, too weak or too young to call for mama, who had probably already abandoned them. Carrie placed them next to each other and placed a piece of bark over them as a little shelter from the sun.

We walked on a bit further but eventually came to a bridge under water. With the heat lately the snow must be melting quickly. We turned around and passed the little hatchlings again. They were snuggled together. At least they weren’t alone as they awaited their fate.

26 miles
Food $32.14
Camping $0